January 2015

Unraveling Ebola One Tweet at a Time with Dynamic Graph Analysis

A sample of 2.5M tweets mentioning "Ebola" was collected during November 5-12, 2014. The titles of the 6227 web pages referenced by the tweets were used to cluster the web pages into roughly 100 topics. Paragon Science's patented dynamic anomaly detection software identified the top five most-anomalous topics. This research demonstrates how these techniques allow us to focus attention quickly on viral, emerging topics. A video showing an animation of those anomalous topics and the key related web pages for every hour of that week in November 2014 is available at

May 2014

Paragon Science has been granted U.S. Patent #8738652 ("Systems and Methods for Dynamic Anomaly Detection"), issued on May 27, 2014.

January 2014

Dr. Steve Kramer gave a joint presentation, "Got Chaos? Extracting Critical Business Intelligence from Email Using Advanced NLP and Dynamic Graph Analysis," with Matthew Russell, CTO of Digital Reasoning, at Data Day Texas 2014.

June 2013

Paragon Science has collaborated with WCG on their MDigitalLife initiative to identify key Twitter influencers and viral topics in their curated community of clinical oncologists.

October 2012

Paragon Science has been engaged by WhaleShark Media (now RetailMeNot, Inc.) to perform a preliminary data-mining project to extract valuable intelligence from its rich data sets, with the goals of enhancing the end-user experience and driving the success of its clients.

April 2012

Paragon Science has been contracted by Digital Motorworks, Inc. (DMI), a subsidiary of ADP Dealer Services, to perform a pilot data-mining project on DMI's extensive vehicle data sets with the aim of enhancing DMI's business intelligence product offerings.

November 2011

Paragon Science has been engaged by to perform data mining on Vast's rich web data sets, with the goal of augmenting Vast's business intelligence and analytical offerings.

May 2010

Paragon Science's paper entitled "Anomaly detection in extremist web forums using a dynamical systems approach" for the Challenge Project has been accepted for presentation and publication at the ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics in Washington, DC, in July 2010.

April 2010

Paragon Science was engaged by the Crimson Services division of The Advisory Board Company (ABC) to conduct a pilot data mining project. The goal is to assess possible ways of using Paragon Science's proprietary technology to augment the analytical capabilities of ABC's product offerings.